Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Puerto Rican Community Makeover!

If you walk along 93rd Street and Columbus Avenue in Manhattan and look up...you will see many Puerto Rican Flags tied to a "cable or clothes line" crossing Columbus Avenue. It is a beautiful sight; you can tell that the flags have been waving in the wind for years as a testiment of our presence. However, many of the flags were worn beyond recognition.

Do we need a campaign to replace the Puerto Rican Flags in the neighborhood with brand new, clean Puerto Rican Flags or add the new flags to the existing flags? Would it create a surge of pride within our community or would there be significant resistance from the constantly changing demographic.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Induction of National Puerto Rican Day Parade's Board of Directors 2010

The National Puerto Rican Day Parade Inc. has inducted their Board of Directors for 2010-2014.  All of the following individuals were duly sworn in by Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson in October 2010:

Madelyn Lugo - Chairperson
Melissa Quesada - Vice Chairperson
Shirley Cox - Treasurer
Trinity A. Padilla - Secretary
Luis Rivera - General Coordinator
Rafael E. Dominguez - Director of External Affairs
Elizabeth Virella - Board Member
Maria Roman - Honorary Member
Rosalinda Ortega - Honorary Member

Take a look at the ceremony below:

Puerto Rican Heritage Celebration 2010 at the New York Hall of Science

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